Bonjour mes amis!  My husband and I are planning a 5 to 6 week trip to France this September.  So far, all that we know for sure is that we need to be in Paris from September 29th to October 4th for a partner’s conference for my husband.  We are in the process then of planning our itinerary.

 In the meantime, because I am an avid reader, I  have decided that for the next 8 months, I will read only books related to France whether the books are fiction such as Almost French or non-fiction such as The Most Beautiful Walk In The World   Some are stories about people who have moved to France such as C’est La Vie; others are fun books such as French Women Never Sleep Alone and What French Women Know. I can hardly wait to see what I learn about the French people and its beautiful country through my diverse collection of books.    Of course, I will also be reading many Travel Guidebooks to help us narrow down our itinerary.
Besides reading books, I will be watching DVD’s of France such as  watching a series of lectures by The Teaching Company called the Louvre and a series of lectures about Impressionism to prepare me for our trip to Giverny, Monet’s source of inspiration.
I will be also reading other people’s blogs about France and of course other information from the internet to increase my anticipation and enjoyment  and knowledge for this holiday.
There are so many other aspects to this trip that I want to explore:  Where are the best places to shop?  What kind of luggage do I want?  What kind of shoes do I need to go for long walks but not have to wear too practical,  “nerdy” shoes?  What kind of clothes do I need to pack?  How can I pack efficiently?    How do I wear my hair since I don’t want to spend too much time taking care of it but I still want to look nice?
This blog then is covering a lot of topics but they are all related to my trip to France.    It is a tool for me to record all that I am learning and enjoying these next  8 months  before my husband and I  are truly bound for France.  I welcome you to join me on this journey and give me any helpful feedback.

One response to “ABOUT

  1. Momma E.

    April 3, 2012 at 12:27 am

    Thank you for stopping by on my blog and for the follow! My father enjoyed a few weeks in France back in 1987 along with some time in Ireland and Scotland. I hope you have a lovely time and I am following you now so I’ll see how it goes. Enjoy every minute of your adventure (can you fit me in your suitcase?) LOL Best, Donna


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