09 May

I suppose if I am having a particularly masochistic day I could suggest that we wander down Avenue Montaigne.  If I am longing for even greater judgment and condescension from the sales people, I might even wander into one of the fashion stores.  Or if I am wondering if I have any acting skills and could dress the role so that I fit into the melee of the people most comfortable on this street, I could choose to see Avenue Montaigne.

When my husband and I were in Vegas with my daughter , I enjoyed her teasing me when we walked past such stores as Jimmy Choo, Prada and Louis Vuitton.  She knew that I hadn’t even been familiar with those names until I had watched the movie The Devil Wears Prada. I think I sometimes think I am from the “working class” rather from the “middle class” since I recall my family and most everyone else in my childhood neighbourhood struggle with finances. I My kids have often teased me for buying most of my clothes at the end of season clearance.  If I buy something that I think is excessive, I don’t want anyone to know how much I paid for that item – so I definitely don’t need logos ton my shirt to advertise that I did.    And yet, here I am planning a holiday to a very expensive city.  As you can see, I live in that constant tension of how to spend our money and save our money and give our money  wisely.

That schizophrenic confession about money explains why I would have been more drawn as a tourist to walk down Avenue Montaigne when it had been first named “Allee des Veuves (Widow’s Lane) because ladies in mourning found solace in its leafy shadows.  I have had lots of personal grief and so I would contemplate all the grief and perhaps solace that people had received on this Widow’s Lane.

However, in 1723, the street was renamed Avenue Montaigne and illuminated fountains and 30,000 gas jet lamps were installed.  I would still have been drawn to the energy of people entertaining themselves without a lot of expense by playing playing Chinese billiards, ring toss games and listening to bands playing polkas and waltzes.

Unfortunately, I am too late to participate in that fun while ambling down Avenue Montaigne.   By the turn of the last century, it was transformed into a high fashion street which has since become more important than rue du Faubourg Saint Honore for its high fashion.  Even our Canadian singer Celine has invested in this lucrative street.

And so I thought I would just settle for watching the warm hearted French movie called Avenue Montaigne. It was a wonderful story of  a young  woman from the province who comes to Paris and waits on tables in the midst of this entertainment and high fashion street.  I really enjoyed the movie and I got quite used to reading the English sub-titles..  As if the universe wanted to laugh at my decision to avoid Avenue Montaigne, I learned one alluring fact about this area:    Guess where the Canadian Embassy is located?!!!  Avenue Montaigne, No. 35.

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