17 Feb


As I continue reading C’est La Vie, the author Suzy Gershman describes how hot it is in Paris during the month of August particularly since she had no air conditioning in her apartment.  To cool off, she mentioned how she would often go to the Four Seasons Hotel George V to not only enjoy the newly popular iced tea but its air conditioning.
  It sounded so lovely as she described how she just took her notebook with her  and she would sit there there sipping her  cool drink and write.  Of course, I had to google this hotel and I  discovered that it was breathtakingly beautiful.  As I look at the above picture, I  imagine myself walking into this room, and being seated in one of the red chairs beside the tapestry on the wall.  I say, “Merci beaucoup” and then sit down on the chair that I am offered,  and I open up my I Pad and write while I wait for my drink to come.  Well, actually, I just pretend to write so that I can look like I belong in this opulent room!  I really look for every opportunity to gaze at the beauty – the chandeliers, the wall hanging, the flowers, the window coverings.   My only distraction is wondering if I am dressed appropriately!   However, I since I learned from Parisian Chic that I could wear a pair of well-fitted black jeans with a blazer and look chic but casual, I sit confidently!
However,  after checking their menus that have no prices, I know  that when I arrive in Paris, I might walk into this hotel but I  will not be having my drink here. But it doesn’t really matter.  My imagination has taken me out of my very ordinary room where I am presently typing,  and it has transferred me into the lounge of the Four Seasons Hotel where I have enjoyed drinking my cup of tea before I go downstairs to cook supper for Greg and me.

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    May 21, 2012 at 6:56 am

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