14 Feb

Have you ever finally made up your mind about some issue and then end up in some conversati0n that  causes you to  second guess your decision? This happened to me recently although it wasn’t a conversation but a comment I read in the book I am reading.   Greg and I had decided that we would tour some part of northern France before we went to Paris for his conference.  After looking at Google Maps and reading from some guide books, we decided that  we would rent a car at the Charles de Gaulle Airport and then drive  to Honfleur.  We felt relieved that we now had at least a starting point for our travel itinerary!!

Well, wouldn’t you know that that evening I am reading my book C’est La Vie and the author writes,  “I hated Honfleur.  Really, seriously, violently hated it.  Waay too touristy for me, even out of season.  I really couldn’t find any charm anywhere.”

Well, at first I thought it was just humorous  but by morning, I started to worry that we had made a mistake!  After all, we will be really tired from our long flight and from  jet lag and what if we drive into this town and think how ugly it is and why did we ever come!  I reminded my self that her opinion could be based on the fact that she was looking for a house to purchase.  As I consulted my guidebooks again, I found their words very reassuring.  I was soothed by such phrases  as  “idyllic little Honfleur”, “Honfleur’s engaging streets and activiities are within a short stroll of its old port,” and “the town is its best sight.”

I read again the author’s vehement statement and remembered how my husband said when we were first married that he didn’t want to go to Disneyland because it was “waay too touristy”.  I told him that I didn’t mind being a tourist and that I liked going to places that tourists liked seeing!  We went on that holiday and had a wonderful time.  If we want to see all the attractions that are popular with tourists, then those places are probably going to be “waay too touristy”.  So much of our enjoyment anywhere – but especially on holidays – is determined by our attitude.  I intend to enjoy all that Honfleur can offer  – even if the memory is our laughter because there was so much tourist hype.  Or perhaps we will find some little street to wander down and actually find the charm that my author didn’t take the time to see.

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